Hardwood Floor Restoration Services

NuLife specializes in dust free restoration of damaged and worn hardwood flooring. Our process erases the damage caused by pets and excessive wear. Hand scraped and distressed hardwood floors that are unable to be repaired by conventional buffing and coating are restored to like new condition. Restoration of existing hardwood floors saves thousands in replacement costs!

Our Process

Step 1: We remove all contaminants.  Contaminants can include dirt, trash, all residue from cleaning and polishing products, taking the floor to it’s original state.  This process gives NuLife access to the worn surface of the floor allowing NuLife to begin the refurbishing process.

Step 2: “Etching” into the finish.  After your floor is free of contaminants, NuLife applies an etching compound.  This process melds damage such as scratches and mars, greatly reducing or eliminating their appearance.

Step 3:  For this final step, NuLife will apply a ceramic-reinforced, odorless, 2-component polyurethane finish.  This finish provides exceptional high scratch resistance, high elasticity, and excellent chemical resistance, suitable for high traffic and commercial applications.